About Us


"OG Tom" The Inventor Of The High Output Alternator

 Tom is the mastermind behind every High Output Alternator. Serving the car audio community with the best power you will find anywhere. Tried and tested, we have been making the best of the best in High Output alternators since 1979. 


A place You can Trust

 Ohio Generator is the only company to CERTIFY each and every alternator we sell. They come with a computerized test report off of a $50,000 "State of the Art" Custom Dyno Test Station for alternators only. You get to see exactly what you are spending your money on. Each alternator comes with a one year warranty. In addition to that, reasonable repair prices once the warranty has exceeded IF anything happens to go wrong.  


Top Of The Line Alternators

Every alternator built is rated lower than the actual performance of the alternator. One with a rating of 300 amps will peak way higher on the test report from our "dyno" testing machine. The Alternator has to test higher than it's rating or it will not pass the Dyno Test. You always get more bang for your buck at Ohio Generator!!




" I use OhioGen for all my personal and customer builds. You cant find a better performing altrnator." 


Cabe "Pimp My Ride" Sipes

 "I have used OhioGen in many of my past and current builds. Tom is excellent!"

Orion Car Audio

 "We switched all of our Show Builds to "OG" and gained on the meter in every build. You cant go wrong choosing this company. "

"You will not be disappointed  by the founder and creator of High Output Alternators!"

Andy "Team SPLoud" Magill

"You will not be disappointed by the founder and creator of High Output Alternators!"